It All Falls Down

Sheena Kamal    Pages: 322     Published: 2018

The book: Nora Watts discovers some new information about her late father, who apparently committed suicide. She wants to learn more, so she travels from Vancouver to Detroit in search of his past. Something untoward is going on but Nora doesn’t know what. Is the search for information on her father leading her into danger? Or is something else putting her at risk?

You might like it because: It’s a well-written, suspenseful story that keeps you guessing. You won’t want to put it down.

What did other people say?
“A stunning, emotionally resonant thriller.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“Sheena Kamal is being hailed in the industry as the next Gillian Flynn.”
                 – Irish Independent

How quickly will you get into the book? Kamal spun a story that grabbed my attention right away. I challenge anyone to be able to put this down after the second page.

You might not like it because: There are a lot of characters and storylines, which might make it hard to follow at times. Some of these characters appeared in Kamal’s previous book, The Lost Ones. It’s not necessary to have read that book, but it might be easier to follow if you have.

What might you read next?
You could read Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. It’s mentioned in It All Falls Down.

Or read another novel set in Detroit: The Turner House by Angela Flournoy.

Alternatively, if you are interested in some non-fiction, read Robert Fisk’s Pity the Nation, which Kamal said she read as research for the plot points relating to Lebanon.

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