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Helen Oyeyemi      Pages:   259      Published: 2019

The book: Perdita Lee appears to be a regular teenage schoolgirl. She lives on the seventh floor of a house in London, with her mother Harriet, where they bake gingerbread from an old family recipe.

Perdita’s life seems to be proceeding as normal. Or rather, as normal as can be expected when you’re originally from Druhástrana, a country most people don’t believe exists, and you have four opinionated plant dolls (part plant part doll) that talk to you. Read more

A Corpse in the Koryo

James Church        Pages: 280         Published: 2006

The book: Inspector O is a police detective in Pyongyang, North Korea. Early one morning he is sitting on a remote hillside outside the city, waiting for a mystery car that he has been told will appear from the south. His job is to photograph it. The body of a dead foreigner is found in the Koryo hotel. Two very senior officials are interested in both the car and the dead foreigner but will not say why. Are the two things connected? Will Inspector O work out what is going on? Can he stay alive while doing so? Read more


Jackie Kay       Pages: 278      Published: 1998

The book: When famous jazz trumpeter Joss Moody dies, a secret that only he and his wife Millie shared is exposed. Their son Colman who, like everyone else, had been in the dark, feels he has been betrayed by both his parents. Millie, seeking respite from tabloid reporters, escapes to Scotland. Will Colman and his mother Millie reconcile? What was the secret that Joss and Millie kept hidden for decades? Read more

From a Low Quiet Sea

Donal Ryan      Pages: 181         Published: 2018

The book: In Syria, Farouk and his family are managing to stay alive but contemplating a risky journey by sea to Europe—a safer place. Lampy lives in a small Irish town with his mother and grandfather, yearning for lost love. John is nearing the end of his life and is tormented by remorse over his past actions. The lives of these three men are about to intersect. What brings them to that point, and what will happen? Read more

An American Marriage

Tayari Jones       Pages: 308      Published: 2018

The book: Celestial and Roy are happy newlyweds. Both are at the beginning of their respective careers and doing well. The future looks bright. Then Roy is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. What will become of their relationship? How will they both cope with their changed circumstances? Will Roy languish in prison for twelve years, or can he be proven innocent? Read more