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The Diary of a Bookseller

Shaun Bythell          Pages: 310           Published: 2017

The book: Shaun Bythell lives in Wigtown, a small Scottish town that is known as Scotland’s Book Town. It has a large number of bookshops and hosts an annual book festival. Shaun owns the oldest bookshop in Wigtown: a delightful place crammed with secondhand books on every topic imaginable and unimaginable.
This is his diary. It captures a year in his life selling books. Read more

The Feather Thief

Kirk Wallace Johnson         Pages: 308            Published: 2018

The book: One evening in 2009, after an orchestral performance at the Royal Academy of Music, twenty-year-old flute player, Edwin Rist, pulled off the biggest theft ever at the British Museum of Natural History. He stole hundreds of rare bird exhibits. The author, Kirk Wallace Johnson, on hearing about the heist, was intrigued. In this book he tells the very gripping true story of this bizarre crime. Read more

It All Falls Down

Sheena Kamal    Pages: 322     Published: 2018

The book: Nora Watts discovers some new information about her late father, who apparently committed suicide. She wants to learn more, so she travels from Vancouver to Detroit in search of his past. Something untoward is going on but Nora doesn’t know what. Is the search for information on her father leading her into danger? Or is something else putting her at risk? Read more

Little Fires Everywhere

Celeste Ng     Pages: 336     Published: 2017

The book: Shaker Heights is a quiet, progressive suburb of Cleveland, where everything looks picture perfect.  Mia Warren, a bohemian single mother, moves into the neighborhood with her teenage daughter, Pearl. They’re different from their neighbors, who may not be as progressive as they like to think they are. Mia has a secret from her past and one neighbor is determined to know what it is. Read more

Before We Were Yours

Lisa Wingate      Pages: 334     Published: 2017

The book: It’s Memphis, Tennessee in 1939. The five Foss children, who are all under twelve, live on a riverboat with their parents. One stormy night, when their mother is taken ill, the children are left alone. Unbeknownst to the parents, some strangers have nefarious plans for their children. Read more