Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Long Take

Robin Robertson                   Pages: 234                   Published: 2018

The book: A Canadian D-Day veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder feels unable to go home to Nova Scotia. Instead, he journeys from New York to Los Angeles and then to San Francisco. This is the story of his odyssey across America.  It is told mostly in lyrical verse. Read more

Washington Black

Esi Edugyan               Pages: 334                Published: 2018

The book: It’s 1830. George Washington Black (Wash) is an eleven-year-old field slave on a plantation in Barbados. His master’s brother, Christopher Wilde, needs a slave to assist him in building a flying machine. He selects Wash and so begins a new chapter in the young slave’s life, which will take him on a journey far beyond the confines of the planation in Barbados. The strained relationship between Christopher Wilde and his brother will have a lasting impact on Wash. What will become of Washington Black? Where will his journey with Christopher take him? Read more

Home Fire

Kamila Shamsie     Pages: 274    Published: 2017

The book: After years of raising her twin siblings Aneeka and Parvaiz, Isma can now follow her own dreams and pursue a PhD at University in America. There she meets the charismatic Eamon, whose father is a British politician. Back in London, Parvaiz, has disappeared. He is not with family in Pakistan, as he told people; he is in fact in Syria at a training camp. Can Parvaiz be saved? Will Eamon factor into Isma’s life? Read more

The Girl with Seven Names: Escape from North Korea

Hyeonse Lee           Pages: 293            Published: 2015

The book: Lee was born and grew up in North Korea. At the age of seventeen she escaped to China. She lived in China for ten years and then worked out how to get to South Korea. Her mother and brother were still in North Korea, and Lee wanted to get them out. This is Lee’s true story of her life in North Korea and her subsequent escape to freedom. Read more