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The Bird King

G. Willow Wilson    Pages: 402      Published: 2019

The book: Spain, 1491. Fatima is a concubine in the court of a sultan in the last Spanish emirate. Her best friend, Hassan, has magical powers and is the royal mapmaker. A delegation from the Spanish monarchy arrives and demands the sultan surrender his land and his people to them. Within the delegation is a representative of the Inquisition who takes a particular interest in Fatima and Hassan. Why are they of interest to the Inquisitor? What will become of them, the sultan and his city? Read more

The Ten Thousand Doors of January

The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Alix E. Harrow   Pages: 371   Published: 2019

The book: It’s America in 1901.  Seven-year-old January Scaller lives in an old rambling mansion in Vermont.  Her father travels constantly to far-flung corners of the world so she is the ward of his employer, Mr. Locke. On a trip to Kentucky with her guardian, January discovers a magical door to another world. Read more

10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World

10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World
Elif Shafak   
Pages: 308      Published: 2019

The book: This story begins at the end with the death of a prostitute called Tequila Leila.  For 10 minutes and 38 seconds after Leila has taken her last breath, her brain continues to function and she recalls her life and what brought her to this ignominious end. Read more

The Starless Sea

Erin Morgenstern   Pages: 494    Published: 2019

The book: Zachary Rawlins finds an unusual old book in his university library. The book captivates him. Strangely, it contains a story that is about Zachary when he was a child. Fascinated, he sets out to solve the puzzle that appears to be contained in the book. This quest will take him to strange and amazing places where he will meet unusual and sometimes dangerous people. Secret societies, magic, and alternate realities abound! Read more


Anna Burns    Pages: 348      Published: 2018

The book: In an unnamed town in an unnamed country (that feels a lot like Northern Ireland during the Troubles), middle sister (we don’t know her name) is trying to keep to herself and wants nothing to do with Milkman, who seems to be pursuing her.  He is persistent. In a town where everyone knows everyone, it does not take much to spark a rumor and become the target of gossip. Middle sister wants none of this; attention during these times is dangerous. What will happen to middle sister? Who is Milkman? Read more