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The House Between Tides

Sarah Maine         Pages: 389         Published: 2014

The book: Hetty Deveraux inherits an old mansion on an island in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. Leaving a strained relationship behind her in London, she heads for Scotland. She plans to renovate her ancestral home. The discovery of human bones in the old house stymies her plans. It’s not clear whose remains these are, but it is clear the person did not die of natural causes. Will Hetty discover whose bones these are? What will she do with the house she inherited? And what of the relationship she left behind in London? Read more

The Flanders Panel

Arturo Pérez-Reverte               Pages: 295                   Published:1990

The book: Julia, an art restorer, is working on a fifteenth-century painting by a Flemish master. She uncovers an unusual inscription hidden within the painting. It reads: “Who killed the knight?” The painting depicts the Duke of Flanders and his knight playing chess. It turns out the Knight was murdered. People around Julia begin to die under mysterious circumstances. Are their deaths connected to the painting she is restoring? Can she solve the 500-year-old crime? Read more

Love Medicine

Louise Erdrich                     Pages: 333               Published:1984 (originally). Revised and expanded in 1993.

The book: This is the story of two families, the Kashpaws and the Lamartines.  The novel follows the fortunes of different branches and generations of these families. It is mainly set on a reservation in North Dakota. Read more