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The Polish Detective

Hania Allen      Pages: 378        Published: 2018

The book: There’s been a murder! A dead body appears, propped up like a scarecrow, in a field near Dundee in Scotland. D S Dania Gorska is called in to investigate. Originally from Poland, she has recently transferred from London to Dundee Police’s Specialist Crime Division. Gorska learns about a case, closed before she arrived, that involved two runaway teenage girls.  She’s convinced the runaways and the murder are connected. Can Gorska find the murderer? Are the two cases linked? Did the girls really runaway? Read more

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk

Kelli Estes       Pages: 390       Published: 2015

The book: It’s modern-day Seattle. Inara has graduated and is about to start a corporate job her father has arranged for her.  She’s unenthused with the idea and has other plans that involve an old family home she has inherited on Orcas Island in the Puget Sound. There she finds an old piece of embroidered cloth and sets out to discover its origins.

Mei Lien lives in Seattle during the 1800s, a time period during which racism was rampant. Tragedy befalls her family. Read more


Fredrik Backman         Pages: 415     Published: 2017

The book: Beartown is a small town in economic decline. The local junior ice hockey team has made it to the national semi-finals. The whole town is vested in the team and its success. A violent act occurs that is related to the team. How will the team and the town handle it? Where will priorities lie? Read more