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The Family Next door

Sally Hepworth                  Pages: 335            Published: 2018

The book: Essie looks as if she has a perfect life, a loving husband, beautiful home, and family. But Essie has a secret shame from her past that still haunts her. Essie is not the only person with secrets on the street where she lives. Will the arrival of a new neighbor disrupt the status quo and open this Pandora’s box? Read more

Red Dust Road

Jackie Kay                       Pages: 289                Published: 2010

The book: Jackie Kay was born in Scotland. Her birth mother was white and her birth father was a black Nigerian student. She was adopted when she was a baby by a white Scottish couple who were members of the communist party. This is the story of Jackie’s search for her birth parents. Jackie Kay is Scotland’s Macher (Poet Laureate). Read more

Glass Houses

Louise Penny                    Pages: 388                Published: 2017

The book: A strange, masked figure dressed in black appears in a small Canadian village near Montreal, called Three Pines. The figure stands silently for days in the middle of the village. No one knows who he is or why he is there. Concern and fear spread among the local residents. Strange things happen. Perhaps murder is afoot? Can Armand Gamache, who happens to have a home in the village and is the Chief Superintendent of the Sûreté du Québec, work out what’s going on and who the masked figure is? Read more

The Battle For Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1939

Antony Beevor                               Pages: 526                      Published: 2006

The book: Beevor originally published a book on the Spanish Civil War in 1982, but nearly 25 years of more research had been done in Spain and documents, not previously accessible, held in both German and Russian archives, became available, so he completely rewrote the book.  This is a detailed and comprehensive history of the war. Read more