How To Stop Time

Matt Haig                    Pages: 325              Published: 2017

The book: Tom Hazard teaches history in a London high school. However, Tom’s life is not what it seems. Tom has a dangerous secret. He appears to be in his 40s but actually he has been alive for centuries. He’s survived this long undiscovered, by constantly changing his identity, moving location, and never falling in love. Can he continue to hide his secret? Will he manage to avoid falling in love?

You might like it because: It’s a fast-paced, exciting, easy read. The plot is well crafted and keeps us guessing about what will happen next. Haig effortlessly takes the reader from Elizabethan London to Jazz-Age Paris, from prohibition America to Tahiti in the 1700s, and back to present-day London.

What did other people say?
“This is a book about time more than it is about travel. And time is all about the moments, not the space between them. Haig has done a fine job of capturing a few beautiful ones like butterflies in a jar — instants of love or rage or heartbreak.”– NPR

“A quirky romcom dusted with philosophical observations…A delightfully witty…poignant novel.”          – The Washington Post

Awards & Recognition:
Sunday Times (UK) Best Seller

How quickly will you get into the book? Haig gets to the crux of the story right away. I was hooked by the third page.

You might not like it because: The main character whines a lot about how difficult it is to live so long and philosophizes about the meaning of time. This might annoy readers who want to focus on the plot.

What might you read next?
In the story Tom meets F. Scott Fitzgerald; why not read his book The Great Gatsby?

Or read HG Wells’ classic, The Time Machine, where the lead character is not hundreds of years old but he does travel through time.

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