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Kafka On The Shore

Kafka On the Shore by Haruki Murakami
Translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel
Pages: 467     Published: 2005 (English translation)

The book: On his fifteenth birthday, Kafka Tamura, although perhaps that’s not his real name, runs away from his home in Tokyo to a town four hundred and fifty miles away. He leaves behind his father, with whom he has a fraught relationship. He may or may not be searching for his lost mother and sister.
In this novel you will meet an array of unusual characters. Nothing is quite what it seems and what it seems is often strange. There’s Mr. Nakata, a simple, old man, who can converse with talking cats, a character who dresses like the Johnnie Walker figure one finds on whisky bottles, a strange X-Files-type happening in a mystery town, and a magic stone that might have mystical powers. Read more

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